InvestorsFriend Stock Performance 2017

InvestorsFriend Inc.’s performance – Year 2017
2017 was another good year for our stock picks as our three Strong Buys rose an average of 18% and our 21 stocks rated (lower) Buy or higher rose an average of 15.6%. That compares to the Toronto Stock Index which was up 6.0%. However, we did trail the strong U.S. markets where the S&P 500 was up 19.4% and the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up an amazing 25.1%.
Group   Rating to start 2017   Price Increase Our Performance
Average of 3 strong buys   Strong Buy   18.0% good
Average of 19 buys   Buy   15.2% good
Average for all 22 buys and strong buys   15.6%  
Average of 2 weak buys   Weak Buy   24.0% very good
Average of 1 weak sells   Weak Sell   29.6% very bad
Average for all 3 Neutral ratings (weak buy or weak sell)   24.6%  
Average of 2 Sells   Sell   40.2% very bad
Average of 1 Strong Sell   Strong Sell   0% bad
Average Sell / Strong Sell       27%  
Rated As – Strong Buy at January 1, 2017
Name Beginning 2017 Price Starting Rating  Ending 2017 Price Price Increase Our Performance
Linamar Corporation                    57.69  Strong Buy             73.21 27% very good
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRKB, New York)                  162.98   (lower) Strong Buy           198.22 22% very good
MELCOR DEVELOPMENTS LTD. (MRD, Toronto)                    14.50  Strong Buy             15.30 6% good
Average Strong buy   Strong buy   18.0% good
Rated As  – Buy
Name Beginning 2017 Price Rating to start 2017  Ending 2017 Price Price Increase Our Performance
Toll Brothers Inc. (TOL, New York)                    31.00  (higher) Buy             48.02 55% very good
Wells Fargo (WFC, United States)                    55.11  Speculative Buy             60.67 10% good
CRH Medical Corporation (CRH, Toronto, CRHM, U.S.)                      5.25  Speculative Buy              2.65 -50% very poor
RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust (REI.UN, Toronto)                    26.63  Buy             24.36 -9% bad
Canadian Western Bank Preferred Shares Series 5 (CWB.PR.B)                    19.05   Buy            24.38 28% very good
Royal Bank of Canada (RY, Toronto and U.S.)                    90.87  Buy           102.65 13% good
Melcor Real Estate Investment Trust (MR.UN, Toronto)                      8.46  Buy             8.51 1% good
Stantec Inc. (STN, Toronto and New York)                    33.92  (lower) Buy             35.16 4% good
Heineken N.V. (HEIA, Amsterdam, or 2 HEINY, U.S.)                    71.26  (lower) Buy             89.93 26% very good
FedEx (FDX,NY)                  186.20  (lower) Buy           249.54 34% very good
AutoCanada Inc.                    23.12  Buy             22.64 -2% bad
Bombardier Series 4 Preferred Shares (BBD.PR.C, Toronto)                    17.49  Highly Speculative Buy             19.30 10% good
Constellation Software Inc. (CSU, Toronto)                  453.99  Buy           605.88 33% very good
Canadian Tire (CTC.a, TO)                  139.27  Buy           163.90 18% good
VISA (V)                    78.02  Buy           114.02 46% very good
Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc., ATD.B                    60.88  Buy             65.59 8% good
American Express Company (AXP, New York)                    74.08  Speculative (lower) Buy             99.31 34% very good
Bank of America Corporation  (BAC, New York)                    22.10  (lower) Buy             29.52 34% very good
Boston Pizza Royalties Income Fund (BPF.un, Toronto)                    22.83  (lower) Buy             21.91 -4% bad
Average Buy   Buy   15.2% good
 Rated As Weak Buy
Name Beginning 2017 Price Rating to start 2017  Ending 2017 Price Price Increase Our Performance
Canadian Western Bank (CWB, Toronto)                    30.34  Weak Buy / Hold             39.25 29% very good
TFI International Inc. (TFII, Toronto)                    34.89  Weak Buy / Hold             32.86 -6% bad
Dollarama Inc. (DOL, Toronto)                    98.38  Weak Buy           157.05 60% very good
Average Weak Buy   Weak Buy   24.0% very good
Rated As – Weak Sell
Name Beginning 2017 Price Rating to start 2017  Ending 2017 Price Price Increase Our Performance
Wal-Mart (WMT, New York)                    69.12  Weak Sell            98.75 43% very bad
Costco (COST, New York)                  160.11  Weak Sell          186.12 16% bad
Average Weak Sell   Weak Sell   29.6% very bad
 Rated As  – Sell
Name Beginning 2017 Price Rating to start 2017  Ending 2017 Price Price Increase Our Performance
Bombardier (BBD.B, Toronto)                      1.61  Sell              2.41 50% very bad
Canadian National Railway Company (CNR, Toronto CNI, New York)                    90.36  (lower) Sell          103.65 15% bad Inc.                  749.87  Sell        1,169.47 56% very bad
Average Sell   Sell   40.2%  
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