Canadian Western Bank Preferred Shares Series 9 (CWB.PR.D)

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(higher) Buy at $25.59

SUMMARY AND RATING:  These Canadian Western Bank Preferred shares Series 9 (CWB.PR.D on Toronto) were issued at a price of $25.00 by prospectus dated with a closing date of January 29, 2019 paying 6.0% on a $25.00 amount ($1.50 per year).  Note that preferred shares can have customised aspects that affect their value. We have described the basic features here but we do not guarantee completeness or total accuracy of this description. For more detail consult the prospectus on  On July 8, 2019, they closed at $25.59 to yield 5.86 per year. If held in a taxable account, they are eligible for the dividend tax credit. The dividend is non-cumulative (In the unlikely event that they skip a dividend due to financial difficulty, you will never get that dividend). The dividend will reset every five years (starting April 30, 2024) and will be set at the yield on the five-year Canada Bond at that time plus 404 basis points. If the five-year Canada bond remains at its recent yield of 1.57% (it could be higher or lower), then these shares would reset to 5.61% of $25.00 , paying $1.4025 per year. That would be a yield of 5.48% on the current price. For comparison, note that very similar rate rest shares issued by TD Bank are yielding about 5.15% at this time. CWB Bank cannot redeem these shares before April 30, 2024, but on that date (and on each future 5 year anniversary) can redeem at $25.00. On the reset dates there is also an option to convert to a monthly floating rate. These preferred shares are subject to a market value decline if Canadian Western Bank’s outlook worsens and there is some potential for dividends to be skipped or for the Bank to go bankrupt with no recovery of this investment. However we suspect that the possibility of such a bankruptcy scenario is quite remote. The Bank can convert these preferred shares into common shares in the event of a triggering event whereby the bank’s financial viability is in doubt. We consider the chances of that ever happening to be very remote. These preferred shares are rated Pfd-3 by DBRS on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is the strongest. Due to the rate reset feature, these shares are not as risky as perpetual preferred shares in terms of the risk of an interest rate increase. In fact, higher rates at the reset date will be beneficial. However, investors have learned that rate reset shares are risky in terms of interest rate decreases. We would rate these shares a (higher) Buy for those looking for relatively safe fixed income and willing to hold for the yield of 5.76% until April 30, 2014  If the five year Bank of Canada rate declines then these shares would be expected to decline in price for that reason. The insider trading signal is positive given that nine insiders bought under the prospectus earlier this year at $25.

INSIDER TRADING / INSIDER HOLDING: There has been no insider trading since there shares were issued earlier this year. Nine insiders bought under the prospectus with amounts ranging from 600 to 20,000. The typical amount was about 1500 shares or $37,500 worth. This insider buying is a positive signal.

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CWB.PR.D, Toronto

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