April 28, 2021

Wednesday’s trading saw the S&P 500 down 0.1% while Toronto was strong with a 0.95% gain.

Shopify surged 11.1% after releasing stellar earnings.

The Melcor REIT was up 6.0% but that was due to a small trade at the end of the day. It’s thinly traded and so sometimes even a small trade can cause price volatility that is just not meaningful.

TFI International was up 5.0% after releasing earnings. 

Andrew Peller (which I have not looked at in quite some time) was up 4.3%.

I bought some CN Rail shares today. This is a good long-term buy and hold company.

I saw a strange bit of news a day or so ago. Kanye West has sold his “Grammy awards worn” Yeezy sneakers for $1.8 million dollars. If ever there was proof that the wealth gap is out of control perhaps this is it. It should a “jump the shark tank” moment. All power to President Biden to tax the wealthy when someone can afford to risk $1.8 million on the sneakers of a celebrity.

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