Walmart update

Walmart is updated and rated (lower) Buy at $60.07. Walmart is currently experiencing declining earnings per share due to the high U.S. dollar and particularly due to the substantial wage increases that it announced early in 2015. The company projects that earnings per share will decline 6 to 12% in fiscal year 2017 that begins on February 1, 2016. They project earnings will grow 5 to 10% in fiscal year 2019. The stock price and P/E ratio already seems to reflect this news. It still makes a very attractive ROE and will be buying back shares ar a strong pace and is in a position to increase the dividend. Therefore, the share price could still rise in 2016. But certainly it is not going to soar. I have 100 shares that I bought recently at $60.27 and may add another 100.

I was curious about the prices I had bought and sold Walmart at so I looked that up. More detail than anyone needs to see but anyhow it illustrates a bit of buying lower, selling higher.

I note from the daily comment records that I had sold Walmart at $75.13 back on April 6, 2013 (and also April 3 that year at a similar price)  to raise cash for something else and so that worked out well. My comment from November 19, 2012 indicates I bought those shares at $68.09. Previous to that the comment from November 15, 2012 indicates I had sold my Walmart shares at $73.63. I also sold some on July 12, 2012 at $72. And some sold on June 12, 2012 at $67.70. I had bought some Walmart on April 24, 2012 at around $58. Around this time I had a large position in Walmart and some of that I bought on April 1, 2010 when the price was about $55. and some December 17, 2009 when the price was about $53. And bought some on September 16, 2009 at around $50. Bought on April 27 2009 when the price was around $48. And April 13, 2009 at around $51.