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The Types of Stocks we cover can be seen by checking out our list and performance from past years, see and all years since 2000. The graph below is updated through February 4, 2023.

Many of our stocks are mid-size companies. Mostly profitable, dividend-paying Canadian companies. And we also feature some of the largest and best known companies in North America as well. We have Canadian stocks (some of which also trade in the U.S.) and also a good selection of U.S. stocks. We also have high yield Canadian entities as well as growth stocks.

Our Stock Picks have returned an average of 11.2% per year in the 23 years ending December 31, 2022 (despite some down years) – not counting dividends. 11.2% is actually not earth-shattering but consider that over the same period the Toronto Stock Exchange gained just 3.7% compounded and the S&P 500 gained 4.1% compounded annually -n both cases also not counting dividends. And 11.2% compounded for 23 years turns $1.00 into $11.49 or $100,000 into $1.15 million – not too shabby!

We generally have no oil and gas stocks, no gold stocks, few or no mining stocks, few or no penny stocks, and no scientific research oriented stocks. Those stocks do not lend themselves to fundamental analysis using financial statements. What we do have is companies engaged in businesses including: retailing, software, banking, credit cards,  insurance, communications, transportation, real estate, property development, home building, and consulting engineering, and also a selection of higher dividend yield entities.

To invest in our Stock Picks you will need to have an investment account with your bank or brokerage. If you don’t have one, check out our article on how to get started.

We use fundamental analysis techniques only. This includes both numerical and non-numerical analysis. We attempt to identify companies that are under-valued in the market. Also we attempt to identify highly profitable companies and then ride along with them as they compound up their values over time through growth.

Paid Subscribers get Web Site Access to:

  • A Web Page with a Table of our Buy / Sell Stock Ratings backed up by detailed and yet concise research reports on each stock. (About 30 stocks are usually listed).
  • comments (after each trading day) with our editor’s thoughts on certain aspects of the the markets and any stock buying or selling that he has done or is contemplating. Subscribers log in as often as daily to check for our daily comments and any updates to the Stock ratings.
  • Links to our (chief) Editor’s personal portfolio composition

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Our returns have been quite good. But we make absolutely no promises or guarantees about the future. We will continue to do what has worked in the past but we make no promises about returns. We can however promise to continue to provide honest and transparent analysis.

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As noted above, the credit card payments go through PayPal but you do NOT have to create a PayPal account.

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We are located in Canada and have traditionally marketed our product to Canadians. About half of our Stock Picks trade on the U.S. exchanges. The remainder trade in Toronto and depending on your broker it may be a little more difficult for Americans to buy stocks on Toronto. But certainly it is possible to do so.

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Note: Since subscribers get access to over 30 research reports that are each 4 pages long, including the graph, and with updates occurring on an ongoing basis, the research is available by internet access only.

Hard copies by postal mail are not available.

All stock ratings presented are “generic” in nature and do not take into account the unique circumstances and risk tolerance of any individual. The information presented is not a recommendation for any individual to buy or sell any security. The author(s) is (are) not registered investment advisors and the information presented is not to be considered investment advice. The reader should consult a registered investment advisor or registered dealer prior to making any investment decision. The author(s) may at times have a security position in the companies presented. (Such positions are disclosed).

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