Stantec updated September 13, 2017

Stantec is updated rated Buy at CAN $34.25. This has been an exceptionally well managed growth-by-acquisition company for many years. Its share price is up 2,642% since I first added it to this site way back in September 1999. Its growth strategies and overall approach remain consistent but it has expanded greatly geographically. The share price has been relatively stagnant for the past four years. Recently its revenues per share have surged due to a very major acquisition in mid 2016 along with other acquisitions and organic growth. Earnings per share were sharply higher in its latest quarter, up 37%.  It seems likely that strong growth will continue in the last half of 2017 although the recent sharp rise in the Canadian dollar will be a substantial drag on growth. I am very comfortable holding this stock and will consider adding to my position.

Stantec could pick up increased work related to repairing the recent hurricane damage.