September 8, 2016

On Thursday, the S&P 500 fell 0.2% while Toronto was about unchanged.

Oil rose due to a decline in inventories (albeit a decline that was apparently linked to storms preventing oil from being unloaded from tanker ships into storage tanks). Oil is at $47.28 at the moment.

Toll Brothers was down 1.4%. It seems that the home building segment is just not that popular with investors at this time. However, if, as expected, the company continues to post better quarterly earnings then the stock price will eventually respond.

TransForce was up another 1.6% to $27.59.

Yesterday I placed an order for the new Bank of Nova Scotia rate reset preferred share that was offered at 4.85%. It’s only an “okay” return. If it happened to trade at $26 or moreĀ  I would likely sell and take the 4% gain. This is in a non-taxable account.