September 7, 2016

On Wednesday, the S&P 500 was unchanged while Toronto was down 0.1%.

Oil rose this evening to $46.24.

Couche-Tard was down 2.2% today. I just completed but have not yet posted an update on this company and it will be rated Buy.

Yesterday, after seeing the latest bit of bad news from Bombardier I decided to sell the remaining few shares I held. The problems it has in securing enough engines for its new C Series planes may not be its fault. But given the track record I would not be surprised if Bombardier was partly at fault for the situation or at least for not knowing about the issue until now.

Also yesterday, an order I had placed earlier to add to my position in its preferred shares was filled. Those shares are not without risk. But they do come with an expectation that Bombardier will not be allowed to fail and default and on that basis I am happy to collect my 9% or so yield.