September 6, 2017

On Wednesday, the S&P 500 was up 0.3% while Toronto was down 0.2%.

Couche-Tard rose 2.6% after releasing its fiscal Q1 earnings. AutoCanada rose 2.9%.

CRH Medical slipped 3.1%.

My road trip across most of Canada continued today from Ottawa to Wawa. A scenic route but not built for speed. The lack of a true highway (meaning limited access at a minimum and ideally at least two lanes each way) across this country can’t be good for trucking or businesses dependent on trucking. If infrastructure spending is contemplated, then a true TransCanada highway is an obvious candidate.

Tim Hortons and McDonalds with there multiple new and clean locations seem to be the obvious stopping points on the trip and are invariably busy. Subway and a few other chains also proliferate. The biggest service stations including those ran by Couche-Tard and Canadian Tire also are attractive stopping places and are busy. The “chainification” of all such consumer services has been ongoing for decades and will continue.