October 24, 2017

On Tuesday, the S&P 500 was up 0.2% and Toronto was up 0.3%. And the DOW was up 0.7% after strong earnings reports from Caterpillar and 3M.

CN Rail was up 1.9% but may decline tomorrow as its earnings report after the close was disappointing due to higher costs. But its carloads were up 11% illustrating general strength in the economy.

Stantec was up 2.2% to $36.46.

Bank of America was up 1.9%.

It’s been a great time to be an owner of stocks. My approach is generally to react to market moves as opposed to predict them. I like to move a little towards cash as stocks rise and use that to buy when stocks fall. Most (by far) of my investing however is stock by stock as opposed to looking at the overall index.

The next update will be for American Express which is likely to be rated (lower) Buy at around $94. I already have a modest position in American Express which I will likely just hold.