May 24, 2015

On Friday, the S&P 500 was down 0.2% and Toronto was about flat.

Element Financial was up 3.4% to $18.34. The stock price ahs done well as the company continues to grow by acquisition. It appears to be expensive but could continue to do well if it does not run into problems including bad loans. I consider it to be a riskier stock.

Wells Fargo is updated and rated Buy at U.S. $56.00. Reading its annual report I very much like the way the company is managed and how it makes money and how it is able to explain its business. I am not particularly expecting any big rise in its earnings as it struggles with low interest rates. But over the long term it will likely continue to do well.

I had first added it to this site at the height of the financial crisis (bottom of the market, February 22, 2009) as a highly Speculative Buy at $10.91. A year later on February 26, 2010 with the financial crisis resolved I rated it a Speculative (lower) Strong Buy at $26.88. Since then it has been one of my largest holdings and I have done a fair amount of buying on dips and some selling on rallies as the share price certainly did not move up in a straight line to $56.00.