March 6, 2018 1:10 pm eastern

With CRH up a little this morning, I took the opportunity to reduce my position by what amounted to 44%. I had added to my position at prices as low as U.S. $1.75 and some at about U.S. $2.35. So these shares were sold at a profit (based on a last in, first out accounting). My position in CRH was larger than I was comfortable with and this was an opportunity to reduce that as well as raise cash. These were sold in RRSP accounts where triggering a gain was not an issue. I will update the report on CRH before long. We won’t likely know its profitability under the new pricing rules until it releases Q1 results. Generally, the business model still looks good to me but I am bothered by the financial press release not even mentioning net earnings to shareholders.

With Melcor dipping down to $13.95 today I could not resist grabbing a few more shares.