March 23, 2015

On Wednesday the S&P 500 was down 0.6% and Toronto was down 0.8%.

AutoCanada was down 3.6% to $16.52. I will update that report within the next couple of days and I believe it is attractive at this price.

I have updated my article on Understanding the Canadian Economy. Due to the dramatic price reduction, Energy is no longer Canada’s largest export by dollar value. Using Q4 seasonally adjusted and annualized figures (so on a run-rate basis) Energy is now number four on the list of exports by dollar value, previously it was number one.

This article also shows how the various industries contribute to Canada’s GDP. Energy has not traditionally been the number one contributor to Canada ‘s GDP. This year it should be even further down my list . But I discovered this year that Statistics Canada was reporting GDP in something called 2007 chained dollars. Chained dollars are a strange concept and do not reflect the drop in energy prices. I am attempting to get the 2015 numbers in current dollars. Shockingly, Statistics Canada publishes these only on a three years delayed basis.