March 1, 2017

On Wednesday, the S&P 500 rose 1.4% and Toronto was up 1.3%.

Apparently, the market quite liked Mr. Trump’s speech.

Some of the more notable gains on our list included:

CRH Medical up 8.3% on Toronto.

Linamar up 3.1%

Canadian Western Bank up 4.9% (they report earnings tomorrow, Thursday)

Couche-Tard up 4.1%

Berkshire up 3.4%

Wells Fargo up 3.2%

Bank of America up 3.6%.

With all the gains in the past few months it starts to feel like making money in stocks is very easy. But we should not get over-confident. I am inclined to trim some positions as prices rise. My order to trim some Toll Brothers at $35 was filled today. However, my order was only to sell a very small portion of my Toll Brothers. With these latest gains I plan to consider what else I am willing to part with. I am still at only about 20% cash so I am not suggesting here that I am getting out of the market by any means.