July 10, 2017

On Monday, the S&P 500 rose 0.1% while Toronto was up 0.5%.

Linamar was up 2.2%. to $65.53 (Our report is out of date on that one as the stock is up 28% since we added it to the site in November.)

Toll Brothers was up 1.3% to $40.95. That’s its highest price since it crashed back in 2005 in the lead up to the financial crisis and housing slump in the U.S. I added it to this site in June 2011 at $21.03. It has been quite volatile but that has provided opportunities to buy a great prices. It was first rated in the Strong Buy category on February 27, 2016 at $27.57. I sold some of my holdings back on March 3 just to raise cash. I have no plans to sell any at this time.

Costco was down 2.0% to $151 and Walmart was down 2.8 to $73.23. I had bought a small amount of Costco on Friday and added half as much again today and also put in an order for more if it hits $146 (which it may or may not do) . Costco is a great company, not yet cheap but I am willing to buy a small amount on this pull-back.

CRH Medical was down 4.6% in the U.S. (and I analyse this one in U.S. dollars) and 3.7% on Toronto. As noted earlier, it was the subject of some short selling and criticism lately. I still think it is a well run company with a viable growth strategy. As a small company it is a more speculative pick for that reason alone. It would be safer to wait until its Q2 report comes out but I like it as a speculative pick now. I would not invest too large a portion of a portfolio (or an uncomfortable number of dollars) in it however. At last check I had it as less than 1% of my portfolio. But the exposure to any stock should be considered not only in percentage terms but also in dollar terms.