Heineken N.V. updated April 8, 2018

Heineken is updated and rated (lower) Sell at 90.20 euros on the Amsterdam stock exchange or $55.20 on New York for the American Depository Receipt HEINY which equates to one half of a Heineken share.

Heineken is best known for its namesake beer brand and is a huge global brewer with many brand names.

Heineken was first added to the site on July 28, 2016 with a lukewarm rating of (lower) Buy. Since then it is up 7% in Amsterdam but 19% for the ADR on New York which shows the benefits of currency diversification at times. Not long after it was added to the site the price had declined almost 20% and I reported taking a small position on October 8, 2016 and January 3, 2017 at prices near the lows. Buying on the dip has resulted in a gain of 41%. Given the updated rating I will likely sell these shares. It’s a strong company and I would consider buying back in on a substantial dip.

(I had removed Heineken from the list for the start of 2018 since the report was well out of date.)