February 23, 2016 noon eastern

Markets are down this morning with weaker oil prices.

Toll Brothers came out with earnings. The stock at first dropped but now is up 4%. The profit was lower than expected and I will try to understand why the much higher contracted home sales of a year earlier did not turn into bigger profits this year. In any case revenues were up and contracted home sales (which turn into revenue about a year later) were up substantially. The press release seemed very upbeat, The company has been buying back stock which they do selectively when the stock price is lower, as now. Of the stocks I own, I feel that this is one of the few that has a good chance for a really meaningful gain this year. This is due the more recent price decline and due to the improving U.S. house building environment. I could, of course, be wrong. Other stocks I hold (and are on the list) certainly seem under valued as well , but this is certainly one that comes to mind as having a good chance for a near term increase.