September 5, 2012 Comments

Alimentation Couche-Tard released earnings today. Reading through the report the earnings look very good. However the share price has risen a lot since our last update and I will have to crunch some numbers before I arrive at an updated opinion on this stock. I expect to update this report by Sunday. As I have mentioned before, I got a bit trigger happy on this one and sold all my shares too early when they “popped” on announcing the big Statoil acquisition some months ago. It would have been more logical to sell only half my shares at that time. (In retrospect I should have kept all, but regardless of where the price went, it was not that logical for me to have sold ALL my shares on the announcement).

New numbers for loan delinquencies and credit losses were released today for Q2. The numbers indicate that delinquencies and bad debts while still high in the United States are improving slowly but steadily. This is positive news in regards U.S. lenders including Wells Fargo and Bank of America.

These delinquency and charge-off figures are available at the following link.