September 25, 2014 Comments

A down day on Thursday as the S&P 500 fell 1.6% and Toronto fell 1.5%.

It’s anyone’s guess where the market will head next. My tactic has always been to react to overall market moves rather than predict them. I have an order in to get a bit more Melcor if it hits $23.10. Also I may add to my small Canadian Western Bank position.

If you find a pull-back of the size we have had recently to be particularly disturbing then perhaps you should not be invested in stocks at all. I believe Buffett used to say that if you would be very troubled by a 40% decline, perhaps you should not be in stocks. That seems a bit extreme. I think almost all of us would be VERY troubled by a 40% decline. I guess what really matters is what your reaction would be. If you would sell your stocks if they took a sudden 40% swoon and would not be prepared to wait it out then likely you should not be in stocks. If you would be disturbed but would nevertheless hang in there and also not be afraid to put in new money then you are probably okay to be in stocks. If you have a large amount invested and truly would not be upset at a 40% loss then I am not sure I believe you. Anyhow the 40% was just something Buffett used to say probably to scare weak knee’d (is that a word?) investors away from investing with him. I am certainly not predicting a 40% decline.