September 17, 2014 Comments

On Wednesday the S&P 500 rose 0.1% and Toronto fell 0.3%. U.S. markets were slightly buoyed be the FED statement which was basically a stay-the-course statement.

Housing stocks were buoyed by news that homebuilder sentiment was up and by a strong earnings report from one of the builders. Toll Brothers gained 1.9%. Fedex was up 3.3% on a strong earnings report. It is often thought of as some kind of indicator of business growth in the economy so this is a positive sign for markets.

Canadian Tire hit a new high today.

An interesting news item indicates that Costco will no longer take America Express in Canada. I don’t know if this is particularly bad news for AMEX since Costco had probably negotiated quite a skinny fee. It may indicate retailers starting to push back against the credit card companies. Also of interest Costco has an outsized presence in Canada with 88 stores versus 468 in the U.S. Based on 10% of the population you would expect Canada to have more like 47 stores in Canada. Costco likes Canada perhaps due to our demographics and income distribution and also perhaps because there are few close competitors to Cost in Canada.