September 17, 2012 Comments

Markets fell moderately today as the excitement of last week’s FED stimulus action wears off. Melcor was down to $14.90 but is thinly traded. I am tempted to add to my position.

Our reference article on Canadian Exchange Traded Funds is updated. This gives you ETF symbols and valuation information for about 48 ETFs. It can be a good way to pick up sectors that we don’t have on the list like energy stocks and oils sands stocks. Also it can be a good way to move quickly into and out of the market. The list includes a number of higher yield ETFs. This also includes ETFs for buying Gold, Silver, Oil and natural Gas for those so inclined. There are also Bond ETFs on the list. These ETF can also be used to bet against certain market segments or commodities, for those so inclined.