October 9, 2013 Comments

Stocks rose slightly on Wednesday with the S&P 500 up 0.1% and Toronto up 0.3%. Our stock picks seemed to do a little better than that on average. Notably, Stantec was up 3.0%. Very few of our stocks were down today.

My order to add a little to my Wells Fargo position at $40.10 got filled today as the stock dropped to $40.07. It closed at $40.36.

My buying on this dip caused by the political theatrics in the U.S. has been pretty cautious. Perhaps I should have grabbed CN, Stantec, Costco, Berkshires and others on their dips but I felt it was prudent to be more cautious. No one knows how ugly this little situation could get. I am hoping not too ugly at all and I am not expecting it to be too bad. But it’s nice to retain some cash just in case.

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