October 6, 2013 Comments

This week we should expect more nervousness due to the U.S. government shutdown and the pending debt ceiling limit. As of Sunday night the DOW was projected to open down 74 points.

We should soon hear news about the final prospectus for the Canadian Tire REIT. Presumably things are moving ahead with that. If so we might see Canadian Tire’s shares rise a little on the news. On the other hand it is always possible that Canadian Tire is finding little institutional support for the REIT in which case Canadian Tire’s shares would take a hit. But I suspect the REIT process is going reasonably well. The REIT offering closes the week of October 21, and I am not sure if we hear much news before then. Possibly the final prospectus would come out some time before that.

Also this week we should start to see the first of U.S. companies report their Q3 results.

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