October 4, 2013 Comments

The market and our Stock Picks have weather the first four days of the government shutdown quite well.

On Friday the S&P 500 was up 0.7% and Toronto was up 0.2%

Most of our Stock Picks were up on Friday.

Toll Brothers however was down 3.2% to $31.06 on concerns that the shutdown would slow or prevent closings on new home sales since they require government mortgage insurance (which is apparently shutdown). Also title insurance may not be possible with the government shut down. This allowed my order at $31.01 to be filled as the stock dropped slightly below $31 at one point. It was a just two weeks ago that I had sold some Toll Brothers on a pop up top $35.01. I am happy to have bought back at $31.01 half of the shares I so recently sold at $34.01. My purchase price is 11.4% lower than the recent sale price.