October 22, 2014 Comments

Terrible news from Ottawa today. It was impressive the way the Seargeant at arms apparently shot and killed the terrorist. No surprise really that these ISIS-linked attacked have reached Canada. But Canada will not be cowed by this. Security will be tightened but business will continue. It’s basically our responsibility not to let these events stand in the way of normal day to day life in Canada.

Today the S&P 500 was down 0.7% and Toronto was down 1.6%.

Canadian Tire had a strong day even in the face of this day rising 1.8% to almost $123.

CLO the oils sands ETF was down 3.67% today. I can’t even pretend to know where oil prices are headed. But I do know oil is down noticable from recent levels. I will add to my CLO position tomorrow if it stays around $12.

This ETF is on our list of Canadian ETFs