October 15, 2013 Comments

On Tuesday the S&P 500 was down 0.7% but Toronto gained 0.3%.

The big question is what will happen the rest of this week as the U.S. attempts to get past the thatrics of its debt ceiling and budget issues. Futures as of about 10 pm eastern showed the Dow up 70 points, but that could go the other way quickly if it looks like a deal will not get done.

I mentioned Gold recently. (October 1). Today I bought a bit of Gold. I figured it might be a reasonable speculation given it is under $1300. I only put 1.7% of my portfolio into Gold. I bought the ETF that trades as GLD on New York. I am prepared to double my position if Gold drops to somewhere in the 1100’s. And I would add even more if it went lower still.

Also today I added to my Toll Brothers position.

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