October 13, 2014 Comments

On Monday the S&P 500 fell 1.7%. Toronto was closed.

It seems that the declines will test the resolve of those of us who invest based on fundamental analysis. Stocks can always get cheaper and for that reason it is probably best to nibble at positions rather than buying too aggressively.

Our Toll Brothers was pounded down 4.1% to $29.18. I added a bit more to my position. American express was down 2.6% to $82.78.

Constellation Software is updated and rate (lower) Buy at $280.50. It’s been a fantastic growth story and will likely continue to grow rapidly. It’s management appears to be excellent and are extremity candid. The difficulty is that the stock is already pricing in a lot of growth. I would consider taking a small position or hope for a pull-back to perhaps $250 before starting to nibble. Those holding it probably should continue to do so.

It recently had a rights offering whereby shareholders received rights to buy a long-term but floating rate bond that initially pays 7.4% and then resets to 6.5% plus or minus inflation. It takes just over 21 rights to purchase just $100 in bond face value and shareholders only received 1 right per share. The rights trade at trade around 54 cents per share and have to be exercised by November Next March bond holders will have the option of giving the company five years notice that they want to redeem or turn in their bonds for face value. This five year notice seems a bit bizarre. I understand the bonds will trade on the TSX – which is surprising for bonds. I wonder what happens if you give notice in March to redeem in five years but meanwhile you forget about that and sell them. For those holding a few hundred rights I don’t see the point of exercising them it is probably just as well to sell them. The company also has the right to provide notice that it will redeem the bonds at face value but only upon five years notice! The whole matter of this bond and the associated rights seems very complicated and I really am not sure what to make of it. Very strange.