October 1, 2013 Comments

Well, it was another interesting day on the markets. How much more interesting does it get than a U.S. government shutdown? But actually the market just yawned and went up. I suspect the market will gyrate around now, this shutdown may be amusing and easy to ignore for a day or so but after a bit the market certainly might get nervous.

Today the S&P 500 rose 0.8% and Toronto rose 0.5%. Most of our Stock Picks were up.

It was interesting too, that the price of Gold fell. I have absolutely no ability predict the price of Gold but clearly today is a better time to buy than when it was at $1800 or whatever. I don’t have any plans to buy Gold but you never know perhaps the mood wills strike me at some point. If I were to buy I would go with one of the Gold ETFs that hold physical Gold. These are listed on my ETF article. But maybe the fact that Gold fell today is telling in that even the doomers are giving up on it.