November 24, 2013 Comments

On Friday the S&P 500 closed up 0.5% (and closing above 1800 for the first time ever) and the Toronto was flat. There were no particularly note-worthy moves in any of our stock picks.

eBay Inc. is updated and rated Weak Buy / Hold at $50.33. The company has strong earnings characteristics but with a P/E of 22 it is pricing in a lot of growth. It may be worth considering as a more speculative pick, but overall seems a bit expensive. I had added it back to this site on March 24, 2013 rated Weak Sell at $53.27. Given that the S&P is up over 26% this year and given that eBay’s earnings have continued to rise it’s somewhat surprising that the stock is down a bit this year. Perhaps investors fear that competitors will steal its market, particularly in regards to PayPal. There are always risks.