November 19, 2012 Comments

Okay, so the Dow was up 1.6% today and Toronto was up 1.4%. This gain today is not something I expected or could have predicted. Nor is it much a surprise. Stock markets rise and stock markets fall. Luckily, they mostly rise over time. An investor with a bias to being in the market (at least partially) at all times is always there to benefit from the rises. And yes, is there to be hurt by the declines too. But there are more rises than declines. That’s a fact.

With the market up a lot at the opening, I did not expect to be able to grab any Walmart at around the $68 price. But when I looked a little bit after the open, Walmart was only up a couple of pennies. So I bought 400 shares, paying $68.09. Looking good so far as it closed at $69.02.

Just about everything on our table above was up today. Particularly notable were RIM up 3.9% and Bank of America up 4.1%.