November 11, 2013 Comments

Stock markets were open on Monday despite Remembrance day. S&P 500 was up fractionally, up 0.1% and Toronto was down fractionally, down 0.15%.

Canadian Tire was up 2.1% to $99.22. It just about cracked over $100 and if it does (which seems likely) that may generate a bit of news, although in substance $100 is not more important than $99 was.

Constellation Software is updated and rated Weak buy / Hold at $201. It’s a great company. But it does seem rather expensive. It is pricing in a lot of continued growth. Given that other investments seem more attractive I am tempted to sell my shares. I had sold half earlier and may sell the remaining shares. Even if I sell i will keep an eye on this company. It seems to approach the growth-by-acquisition strategy from the most rational approach I have ever seen outside of Berkshire Hathaway.