May 4, 2013 Comments

Markets were strong on Friday. Our Stock picks have done well year to date, up 11.1% on average. My own account is up 10.6%. This compares to the Toronto market which is “up” 0.0%. In the U.S. the S&P 500 is up 13% and the DOW is up 14%.

I just updated my reference article that provides Canadian ETF symbols along with P/E ratios and dividend yields for a a selection of equity segments and also Dividend ETFs and Canadian Bond ETFs and also ETF for Gold, Silver, Oil and Natural Gas. For this update I added direct links to show the holdings of each ETF.

I consider this to be a very valuable reference article. I know of no other similar reference article for Canadian ETFs. Most lists of ETF symbols don’t even mention P/E ratios. does contain mucj of this information but my article includes additional ETFs and also is easier to use especially for non-experts. And I include some indication as to the attractiveness of may of these ETFs.  It takes me a full day just to update all the links and figures in this article.

Looking at the P/E ratio of the Toronto Stock Exchange it is about 19. Therefore the Toronto market does not appear to be attractive even though it has lagged the U.S. market. Some of the segments however appear to be attractive.