May 31, 2013 Comments (11:50 am eastern)

A note to our American subscribers: Are you able to easily buy stocks on the Toronto stock exchange? Canadians can buy on the major American exchanges as easily as they can on Toronto and for the same low commissions. But over the years I have understood that American investors could not easily buy on the Toronto Stock exchange. It was possible but involved higher Commissions. This was due various regulatory factors that required a Canadian broker to get involved and perhaps also a lack of interest by U.S. brokers in making the Toronto stocks available to their customers. But I wonder if anything has changed? Are those treading through American discount broker systems able to easily buy on Toronto and with low commissions? Let me know your experience at

The reason I ask is that over the years I have been hesitant to market this site to the American audience since only about half our stock picks trade in the U.S. (that includes American stocks plus a number of Canadian companies that also trade on the big American exchanges.)