May 28, 2014 7:10 Comments

This morning it is Bank of Montreal out with an offering of five year rate reset non-cumulative preferred shares at 3.9%. It is probably a decent alternative to cash but you have to be willing to hold for five years. You could sell any time but it would drop somewhat below $25 if interest rates rise but likely (no guarantee) return close to $25 in any case when the rate resets in five years. I have never analyzed Bank of Montreal but perceive it to be a strong bank. I am not recommending or rating these shares as I have not analyzed them but they are probably a reasonable investment as part of a portfolio. For myself I had bought a few issued previously from other banks and companies at over 4% or so I decided not to buy any that are under 4% so I will not buy this one. It will likely sell out in a few hours or less. I have to wonder at what point the market gets saturated with these.