May 27, 2014 Comments

On Tuesday the S&P 500 rose 0.6% to a new closing record high. Toronto fell 0.4%.

American Express rose 2.9% to $91.39. Constellation Software rose 3.1%. and Bank of America rose 3.4%.

Wells Fargo continues to rise and was up 0.8% to $50.55.

This morning I got an alert from TD Direct (my discount Broker) that Brookfield Asset Management was issuing five year rate reset cumulative preferred shares at 4.5%. This compares to a non-cumulative issue a few days ago from Royal bank at 3.9%. I have done well with the 5 year rate rest preferred shares that I bought earlier this year, most of which I later sold for small but quick gains. So it was an easy decision to grab some of this issue. It’s more or less a substitute for holding a higher than normal cash position although I have to be prepared to hold it for up to five years.

These shares are not without risk as they could certainly trade under $25 if interest rates rise. But as long as Brookfield Asset Management remains financially strong I suspect they would ultimately return back close to $25 in five years even if they did fall in price. This is because if rates are higher in five years the yield will reset to reflect that. In the meantime I may well get a chance to sell them off at something like $26 if they prove popular in the market and if interest rates stay low

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