May 19, 2013 Comments

Canadian Western Bank preferred shares are updated and rated Sell at $26.38. I believe the bank will redeem these next April 30 for $25, therefore I don’t think they are a good investment. Bombardier Preferred shares are updated and rated Buy at $24.75. At 6.3% these seem worth considering. They could fall in price if Bombardier faces problems but I suspect the dividend would continue to be paid. I would not put a large percentage of my portfolio into these. But certainly I would consider putting in 5% or so. I don’t think Bombardier would be interested in redeeming these at $25 even if they begin to trade somewhat above $25. The reason is that Bombardier has a realtively weak balance sheet. There are updated stock market valuation “Special Reports” articles in item 2 in the list of Links just above. My personal portfolio breakdown is updated. Constellation Software Inc. is updated and rated Weak Buy at $142.48. This is a great company. It is very well managed. It has great economics and it will grow. For that reason it should be a good long term investment. But the recent share price increase makes the stock somewhat expensive. This company makes up about 3% of my portfolio. I am not going to add to my position at this price but would consider adding at a lower price. I may sell half of my position or I may just hold on.