May 18, 2013 Comments

My analysis of the valuation of the Dow Jones Industial Average is updated. It suggests that the DOW is about fairly valued  (3% over-valued as a point estimate). For whatever reason the DOW valuation has generally looked more attractive than the S&P 500 for some year s now. The S&P 500 valuation paints a less benign picture.

My analysis of the S&P 500 valuation has been updated. It’s a bit scary since it suggests that the S&P 500 index may be 18% over-valued. The trailing P/E on the index is a hefty 19.0. That is troubling. However, not all U.S. stocks have such high P/E ratios. I invest in individual stocks and not in the S&P 500 index.

Friday was another strong day for the markets and our stock picks. We had Toll Brothers up 2.2%, Wells Fargo up 1.6%, Berkshire up 1.3%, The Dow and the S&P 500 are at record highs (as they probably should be – given record low interest rates, an economy that is growing, albeit slowly, and the passage of time and the retention of earnings since prior market peaks). But the Toronto index is well below record highs and lags due to its heavy weighting in the energy and commodity sectors.