May 15, 2013 Comments

It was yet another day where the American markets did much better than Toronto. The Dow was up 0.4%, the S&P 500 was up 0.5% but Toronto was down 0.8%.

Canadian Tire slipped 1.2%. However Wells Fargo was up 1.4% to a new high.

Our next update will likely be for Melcor. I have read its Q1 report and its very positive. I definitely like this company and will consider adding to my position. The report did not mention the outlook and that is always uncertain but over the long term this company just keeps adding to its book value per share. Earnings and the share price can be cyclical but the underlying growth trend seems strong. The new Melcor REIT seems to be trading well and will be a positive factor in keeping the Melcor share price up.

I notice a lot of positive articles about Berkshire. This seems to be a case of Johnny-come-lately. Most analysts were a lot less excited by Berkshire when it was at much lower prices.


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