May 1, 2013 Comments

Markets were down today. They can’t rise everyday.

The Melcor Real Estate Investment Trust started trading today. It was issued at $10.

It traded all day around $9.96, $9.97.

It’s interesting… With an IPO like this the company and the IPO investors hope that it will trade vigorously and for a price higher than the IPO.  But really why should any of the IPO buyers be eager to sell today especially for under $10. They bought this for yield so why sell? And why should Melcor want the new IPO owners to abandon the REIT to be replaced by new owners? (especially if it is donmne below $10). The REIT price should tend not to fall much (if any) since the IPO buyers presumably are happy with it and can hold for the dividend rather than selling at a loss. Ideally new buyers who missed out on the IPO will come in and bid the price up to pry some shares loose from the hands of the IPO investors.

I would expect this REIT to gravitate to being quite thinly traded (like Melcor Corporation itself) . And if interest rates stay low and as the market gains comfort with this REIT and as it grows the price should rise. Today’s trading was probably orchestrated by the investment banks that sold these shares. They probably trade it back and forth to generate some liquidity in the units.

Melcor will release Q1 earnings on may 9. I would expect decent to possibly quite good results in their sales of building lots and a reasonable outlook for that. They may report modest gains on investment properties as interest rates continue to decline. They will likely report unusual expenses due to the issue of the REIT. For Q2 outlook (or as an event subsequent to Q! quarter end)  they will likely indicate that they made just a very small gain in selling properties to the REIT. The trading of the REIT could pull Melcor up a bit since Melcor trades below book value and this REIT should reveal that the investment properties are worth the full book value.