March 9, 2014 Comments

On Friday the S&P 500 was flat, remaining at a record high while Toronto was up 0.2%

Constellation software released earnings and was up 12% to $265. It’s a great company and has exceptionally good management. Still, the stock is expensive. I may sell my shares with a hope to buy back later or just take the profit.

The Canadian Tire voting shares rose another 5% to $147, on a very tiny volume of 555 shares. While I can’t guarantee what will happen, I would definitely sell if I owned Canadian Tire voting shares.

Wells Fargo was up on Friday and I reduced my position a little at $39.20. (Update, I believe this should have read $49.20)

With the turmoil in The Ukraine, it would not be a surprise if markets pulled back, but I have no ability to predict that. If that happens I will look to buy on pull-backs which has always been my strategy.

This week I am at the Grand Mayan resort near Cancun Mexico.