March 28, 2013 Comments

S&P 500 reached an all time closing high today. And will reach many more in the years to come.

Canadian Tire was up 2.0% and that is on top of recent gains. This seems to be fairly random. Why investors would ignore it for a while and now bid it up is a mystery — though not unusual. To me, it looks like good value. Canadian National Railway was also up 2%.

Melcor was down 2.9% today and had been down over 4%. Possibly the market knows that Melcor may be having trouble marketing the units in its proposed new Real Estate Investment Trust. Or it could be just normal volatility on this thinly traded company. I grabbed 600 shares at good prices on this decline.

Day 3 in Manhattan included the following:

Saks 5th Avenue – worth touring through and has great brand names. But outrageously over-priced. It’s probably coasting on its history and brand value. Rather snooty and pretentious.

Then off to the Museum of Modern Art. This place is the very definition of pretentious. Some of the art was literally garbage. But to each his own.

Went through Grand Central Station (Grand Central Terminal) which is truly grand.

Also the Waldorf Astoria on Park Avenue which was grand and would be a nice place to stay.

Finished with an off Broadway Show “Avenue Q.”


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