March 27, 2013 Comments

Markets were a little negative today. My American Banks and Berkshire were down. No big losses overall though.

Day Two in Manhattan… Rockefeller tour, skating rink, buildings, history and art work. Observation deck is better than Empire State but one HAS to do both. Staff were great. We had New York pass book which includes both. Lunch at a little Chinese restaurant $8.75 lunch special included soup, very generous beef and vegetables (lot’s of other choices) and rice. Excellent value. Lots of staff on hand they do a huge phone order business. Excellent service they knew how to maximize revenue over that lunch period.

New York Knicks game tonight… sold out… almost bought fake scalper tickets but were warned against it. Bought from Tickets Now affiliated with Madison Square Gardens and ticket master. Everything about Madison Square Garden was first class.


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