March 26, 2013 Comments

A strong day for the markets. Right now I am just holding and enjoying gains.

As far as my trip to New York I have the following notes.

United Airlines rep in Edmonton was exceptionally good. United Airlines flights were smooth and even arrived erarly.

United Airlines terminal in Houston was a bit gross, not that clean, even the service at a Wendy’s there was strangely slow and confused.

New York LaGuardia is in a run down area. American Airlines buildings looked circa 1940. Lots of crumbling infrastructure.

Taxi was low cost and traffic was light, cheaper to get downtown NYC from LaGuardia than downtown Edmonton from the Edmonton (actually in Leduc) airport.

Empire State Building staff were very effective at ushering people in. Very friendly and good at what they do. It’s a slow process because they do such a booming business. Down town New York seems great. Holiday Inn Express has been great. Visited M&M world store (part of the Mars empire) in Times Square, friendly and busy. Tony’s Italian restaurant in Times Square was excellent.


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