March 22, 2014 Comments

Boston Pizza Royalties Income Fund is updated and rated (higher) Buy at $19.55. This entity is an ownership in the the 4% franchise fees on the food (not alcohol) sales of Boston pizza restaurants. The cash distributions essentially are almost unchanged when new restaurants open as new units are then issued to founders of Boston Pizza. The distribution rises with increased food sales on a per restaurant basis. The units have recently declined due to a 3.6% decline in distributable cash per unit in Q4 which was blamed on poor weather. On that basis Q1 could also see a decline. Another possible reason for the decline was that the founders sold units in a secondary offering at $21.10 in march. The 6.3% yield is attractive. I believe the recent price decline presents a buying opportunity. Note however, that Q1 2014 should also be expected to be a relatively weak quarter due to poor winter weather across Canada this year. I will likely increase my position.

It’s interesting to note that the units were first issued in 2002 at $10.00. The units climbed briefly over $20 in 2006 but were hammered down under $8 with the financial crisis. Those who bought at the IPO in 2002 at $10.00, and have held since, have since collected $14 in distributions in addition to a capital gain of close to 100%. This is a nice illustration of the rewards of investing. At the start of 2009 we rated them a Strong Buy at $7.51. It is stunning to look back now and see how cheap stocks were at the start of 2009 and to remember how scared investors were.

Melcor is updated and rated Strong Buy at $21.50. It’s Q4 earnings were very strong. The stock is thinly traded and so it should be bought with an order to buy at a certain price rather than a market order. I will likely add to my position even though it is already my largest holding.

On Friday, the S&P 500 was down 0.3% and Toronto was down 0.2%. Liquor Stores N.A. was up 2.6%.

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