March 16, 2014 Comments

I have updated the composition of my personal portfolio.

Indications on Sunday evening are that the market is not bothered by the situation in Russia. If the resounding support for Crimea joining Russian is viewed as accurate then it may be difficult for anyone to oppose it too strongly. The United States should probably but out. A closer vote would have been more problematic. But anyhow I have no special insight into these matters.

On Friday the S&P 500 was down 0.3% and Toronto was down 0.1%.

Liquor Stores N.A. is updated and rated Speculative Buy at $11.48. This high dividend stock is down 33% since we first added it to this site just about three years ago rating it Buy at $17.01. Even after collecting over $3.00 in dividends it is still down. We certainly did not rate it a Buy just because or even mostly because of the dividend, though that was a factor in its favor. But this decline goes to show that the presence of a good dividend is no guarantee of a good return.

At this time the stock appears to offer good value. I like the dividend. On the other hand I would not be distressed if they cut the dividend since fundamentally it appears unsustainably high. But maybe they will manage to maintain the dividend as they plan to do.

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