March 13, 2014 Comments

On Thursday, the S&P 500 was down 1.2% and Toronto was down 0.5%.

Most of the stocks that I keep an eye on were.

Obviously, the troubles in Ukraine could cause further market declines but I generally never sell on such fears because for one thing there is hardly a month that goes by without some such “threat” to the markets. If we sold on every such fear we would seldom own any stocks.

A notable decliner was Toll Brothers down 2.7% to $36.77.

Melcor was up 3.4% on its good earnings to $21.70. That was a good gain given the market decline. For whatever reasons Melcor remains quite thinly traded which makes it a bit more volatile. I added about 12% to my holdings at $21.50 though it was already my largest holding. I could have had it closer to $20 over the past month but such is life in the markets.

It’s always clear in hind-sight that we could have traded more astutely. For example, I was pretty sure that Berkshire would rise after its earnings release almost two weeks ago. Yet on the Monday after it did not rise and that was due to Ukraine situation. I could have added to Berkshire around $112 but I failed to do so.

I was reading more of the Liquor Store N.A. report today. They certainly seem confident that they can maintain the dividend. If so, this will be a good investment.

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