March 13, 2013 Comments

The Dow and the S&P 500 were both about unchanged today but the Toronto Stock Exchange Index was down 134 points or 1.0%. For many years I have found that my stock picks tend to move more with the broad U.S. market indexes and not Toronto. I pay little to no attention to the Toronto index. Except I do use it as a benchmarked to compare my performance each year. I have not paid a lot of attention to the components of the Toronto Index. My understanding is that it is heavily weighted to resources (oil & gas, minerals, forests…) also a heavy weighting to financials. Many other sectors are not well represented in that index.

It was a mixed to slightly down day for our stock picks.

If anyone knows of any seminars on stock picking and investing using fundaments I would be interested in knowing. I’d like to find one where I could participate as a presenter. The type of seminar or course I am thinking of is probably two full days or more and charges a fee to participants. (Free courses would likely be trying to see something rather than provide education). Obviously, I am totally not interested at all in anything to do with technical analysis, charting, or foreign exchange trading. Also I am not interested in options or derivatives (not as a presenter anyhow). My interest is to participate in a seminar that focuses on fundamental analysis and also asset allocation. If you know of anything, let me know at


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