June 9, 2013 Comments

On Friday the S&P 500 rose 1.3% and Toronto fell 0.3%. Given the rise on Friday I considered if I should be trimming some positions. I considered that I have a large percentage of my portfolio in Wells Fargo and Canadian Tire. I then sold what amounted to 20% of my Canadian Tire shares and 15% of my Wells Fargo. I concluded it was prudent to trim these positions and also it gives me cash to look for better investments. I definitely like these stocks long term or I would have sold all. I have no idea where they will head in the short term but there is always a risk they could fall. There is also a “risk” they will rise but if so I still own a lot of them both. I have a lot of gains in the past 18 months and despite being confident that stocks will rise long-term, I would not feel good about leaving all my money in equities at this time. I want some in cash. I won’t touch long-term bonds.

My next update will be for Canadian National Railway. It looks to me like a great company but the stock may look expensive.


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