June 3, 2013 Comments 1:20 pm eastern

With Toll brothers down today I decided to buy back 500 shares. As mentioned under May 29, earlier this month I sold 500 at $37. Around May 29 I placed an order to buy 500 at $32.10. But just now I decided to grab them at $33.30. Toll was down as low as $32  At the same time a headline today was “Homebuilders struggle to find workers.” With my trimming of positions last week my cash position had reached 27%, the highest in quite some time. So that also made it easier for me to grab 500 shares. I now hold 3600 shares of Toll, it’s around 9% of my total portfolio. I tend to hold a much more concentrated portfolio than most people. My approach would be considered quite risky in that respect.

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