June 11, 2013 Comments

Canadian National Railway is updated and rated (lower) Buy at CAN $100.44 or U.S.$ 98.54. It’s an excellent company with excellent economics and well managed. It could be bought for the long term but the share price does seem somewhat high at this time.

Markets were down on Tuesday, the S&P 500 fell 1.0% and Toronto fell 1.3%. At this time I am peronally neither inclined to sell nor to buy anything. (But I reserve the right to change my mind at any time.) I’ll keep you posted each evening if anything changes. And based on the ratings above there are certainly some stocks that appear to be good choices for the long term. The short term AS ALWAYS is anyone’s guess. I have generally never let short term fears keep me out of the market. That has at times made for a bumpy ride but has worked out very well overall.

I believe that Melcor will trade ex-dividend tomorrow (25 cent regular dividend plus 50 cent special dividend payable June 28 to shareholders of record on June 14) . Therefore in theory it probably should drop about 75 cents tomorrow, all else equal. Unless the market falls in general tomorrow, I am not so sure Melcor will fall much, but we shall see.


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